2019 Testimonials


What presenters and facilitators say about their experience in 2019. 


Participating in the Showcase was seen as a worthwhile experience

"I really enjoyed the showcase and the vibe it created in the community of people involved in our project and in the other projects."

"I really like this event. It was more helpful than a conference. An hour or two a day, spread out over time, interesting intro to a topic without the formalities of face to face meetings that require introductions and all that. Love conferences but this bit of efficiency was very welcome." 

"Please continue in future years! I have other projects and we are already discussing how we can capture videos for these events." 

"The showcase gets us to articulate our vision, which is useful. The video resource is useful for years -- I always send people to my last video. " 

"We have participated for several years. Good way to have influence." 


Creating a video has great value

"I got the experience of boiling down our 5-year project to 3 minutes, the experience of viewing other research in an efficient way, and I loved engaging with other projects and hearing what aspects of our project most interested them." 

"Our project is still in early stage, and having to write the "elevator speech" for the general public at this stage has helped focus our communication about the project." 

"I learned a lot about making a nice video and I think that having a video summarizing my work will help my career." 

 "Telling our story in 3 minutes was a nice reflective challenge. Great to share with all of our network, many who do not each other, we are the common link. "


Learning about related work in the field

"I had the opportunity to explore projects similar to mine as well as projects with similar goals. I hope to compare research and ideas with these projects beyond some of what was discussed on the video forms and hopefully improve all projects involved as a result." 

"It was a great opportunity to get a taste of what other passionate colleagues are doing to support innovative practice in STEM education! We rarely get to hear about other projects, much less discuss them!"  

"I saw how a project on students with different cultural backgrounds can help illustrate what counts as productive collaboration." 


Making new contacts and possible future collaborations

"I connected with a state leader who might engage in our work further, we are meeting virtually next week." 

"We collected names of teachers and university people who will be partners in our next round of research, and possibly the next funded piece of work." 

"I recognized a headshot of someone from graduate school who was a facilitator and plan to reconnect with him and see where discussions of mutual interests might lead. " 

"Someone posted on a project video that I worked on, asking for publications. I saw it after the showcase closed and emailed them to follow up, and we've been chatting back and forth since then since our work is related! " 

"New collaborations were established to extend the impact of our program." 

"Someone emailed me to ask if I was interested in partnering with them on a grant, and we'll be meeting up next week to discuss." 


Reaching new audiences that are interested in becoming involved with the project or in using our work

"We reached teachers who are eager to use our pilot materials, and have been sending them to them. " 

"Several posting individuals offered to share instructional materials from their projects that are not yet available publicly online." 

"There were some that expressed interest in accessing our shared curriculum resources." 

"A high school is using our resources and reached out to us via email." 


Value of the discussion to our project

"Discussions of survey instruments in some presentations was very useful, as well as seeing what collaboration/community approaches have been used by other projects with online PD efforts."   

"Someone who has related work commented on our video with some comments, and we began discussing a specific similar mechanic we both used, and he provided some research basis for their decisions that we're digging into that may be able to inform improvements to our work." 

"Seeing other people’s current work and engaging in discussions with them was the best part."  

"We rarely get to hear about other projects, much less discuss them!" 


Provides an effective dissemination tool

"The NSF Office of Public and Legislative Affairs reached out to us to leverage our project." 

"It's a really good way to get people familiar with your project quickly, and to generate discussion about it." 

"We have been interviewed by a local TV station and a local NPR station. Also, a related post was made on the NSF tumblr page. And of course, our respective institutions have featured the study on their outreach websites." 

"Because participation in the video showcase necessarily required us to produce a video about our project, we had an opportunity to distill the purpose and insights of our project for a broad audience. This video, in addition to the conference activities, publications, and website dissemination, will allow us to communicate the importance of our project in a bite-sized dosage in the years to come." 

"Helped our team distill the message based on empirical findings in a way that helps optimize science communication with the general public. Thus, meets broader impact goals." 

"It’s just such an amazing opportunity to disseminate the work and to see what others are up to, particularly when they may be at a timeline point that publications are not yet out." 


Supportive, well run event! (Thank you!)

"…It was very well organized, I really appreciated the tips given in the webinars." 

"I really liked this, and found the staff to be very organized when I reached out with questions - I also liked the daily prompts (via email) during the showcase itself. I followed the advice or "steps" recommended to presenters." 

"This is a fantastic idea. I hope Congress sees it!" 

"The media toolkit was extremely helpful." 

"It was great!!! Very well organized, excellent opportunity for all. Thank you."